Multihead weigher

The product would be fed to the top of the multihead weigher where a dispersion/feeder system passes it to the pool hoppers. Each pool hopper drops the product into a weigh hopper beneath it as soon as the weigh hopper becomes empty.

The weigher’s computer determines the weight of product in each individual weigh hopper and identifies which combination contains the weight closest to the target weight of e.g. 100g. The multihead weigher opens all the hoppers of this combination and the product falls, via a discharge chute, into a bagmaker or, alternatively, into a distribution system which places the product, for example, into trays.

Dispersion and feeding can be driven by any combination of vibration, gravity, belts, centrifugal force or screw systems.

    Advantages at a glance

    • Possible weights from 1 - 3.500 gram
    • max. 130 weighings / minute
    • Multilanguage touch-screen color control panel
    • Easy operation, for setting speed, target weight etc.
    • Storage for 50 programs
    • Easy to dismantle and toolfree cleaning
    • Synchronisation with all packaging machines
    • Complete stainless steel construction
    • Steppermotor controlled opening of buckets
    • no compressed air needed
    • Loadcell under topcone for feeding control